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Welcome to the main portal of my OMEGA server, the first at the University at Albany, running since September 1993.

I am an associate professor in the department of Mathematics and Statistics. The general area of my research is statistical inference. I am also interested in mathematical physics, online mathematics and the basic game of tic-tac-tic-tac TOE.


Some of my papers at arXiv.org And in DjVu

Beyond Bayes

MaxEnt2007: Talks+ppts+Videos+papers
[Group Picture with links]

Wrong Priors

Bayes Theorem on an ipod!

Raping the Likelihood Principle

Skilling's Nests


The ABC of Model Selection: AIC, BIC, and the New CIC.
[About] [html] [PowerPoint: 5.2M] [pdf:163k] [djvu:67k] [cicmovie: 2M] [all+software]

The Volume of Bitnets
[About] [html] [PowerPoint:1.2M] [pdf:79k] [djvu:179k] [all+software]

A Geometric Theory of Ignorance: Oct. 2002

Entropic Priors for Bayesian Nets and for Mixtures of Gaussians
[About] [physics/0201016] [pdf:229k] [djvu:179k]

Optimal Recovery of Local Truth: Probability Mass Curves the Data Space.
[About] [ physics/0010063] [imperfect html] [pdf:289k] [djvu:198k]

unreal probabilities: partial truth with clifford numbers
[about] [ physics/9808010] [djvu:166k] [imperfect html] [PowerPoint Presentation]

are we cruising a hypothesis space?
[about] [ physics/9808009] [djvu:75k] [imperfect html] [PowerPoint Presentation]

cv-np bayesianism by mcmc
[about] [ physics/9712041] [djvu:69k] [html]

confidence intervals from one observation
[about] [ bayes-an/9504001] [djvu:58k] [html]

Sampling with Connections
[about] [pdf:183k] [djvu:(missing 2 pages)]

Bayesian Robustness: A New Look from Geometry
[about] [ps:131k] [djvu:74k]

Deconvolution of Neutron Depth Profiling Spectra with Entropic Priors
[about] [ps:200k] [djvu:81k]

Entropic Priors
[about] [ps:215k] [djvu:130k]

On a New Class of Density Estimators
[about] [ps:220k] [djvu:113k]

From Euclid to Entropy
[about] [ps:86k] [djvu:46k]

The Riemannian Manifold Induced by a Density Estimator
[about] [djvu:46k]

Selected Scanned (with DjVu)

  • The Metrics Induced by the Kullback Number

  • On The Efficiency of a Class of Maximum Entropy Estimators

  • Maximum Entropy Smoothing

  • Weak Convergence of Multivariate k-nn

  • On the Estimation of the Bandwidth Parameter Using a Non-informative Prior

  • Understanding Ignorance


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