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Carlos Rodríguez is an associate professor in the department of Mathematics and Statistics at the State University of New York at Albany.SUNYA WWW HomePage.
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Some papers (PostScript)

  • Cross-Validated Nonparametric Bayesianism by Markov Chain Monte Carlo (PDF)
  • Confidence Intervals From One Observation
  • Bayesian Robustness: A New Look from Geometry
  • Deconvolution of Neutron Depth Profiling Spectra with Entropic Priors
  • Entropic Priors
  • On a New Class of Density Estimators
  • From Euclid to Entropy
  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Probability Theory: The Logic of Science
    By E. T. Jaynes
  • MaxEnt: Collection of Maximum Entropy Resources Online; Workshops, Tutorials,... etc
  • *I*S*B*A* Int. Soc. for Bayesian Analysis
  • The Bayes Group at NASA Ames Research Center
  • Bayesians online
  • Exotic Probabilities page by Soul Youssef
  • MicroSoft Bayesian Networks (MSBN) software
  • MaxEnt/STA at Cambridge UK
  • Bayes calc in Mathematica or my copy of BayesCalc.tar.Z
  • StatLib WWW server at CMU
  • (OLD) Markov Chain Monte Carlo. Preprints at Cambridge UK
  • MCMC Preprintsat Bristol
  • Resampling Statistics at qcnet.com
  • First Bayes (APL software) by Tony O'Hagan
  • Statlib Gopher Server at cmu
  • Online Multivariate analysis program at Lyon France.
  • Math and Stats Search at the University of Sydney, Australia
  • Mathematics at GNN
  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
  • The WWW Virtual Library: Statistics
  • Handbook of Probability in Computing
  • Geometry visualization at umn
  • Hypertex
  • Physics servers and Services around the World
  • Objective Bayesians' list
  • New York Journal of Mathematics
  • AM95, Art and Math SUNYA conference
  • EMFs and Public Health
  • Help on...

    UNIXhelp for users, (Linux) My XF86Config at home Splus FAQ Splus Intro. Maple Elisp Manual UF/NA Perl Archive, Taxing Times 1994, LaTeX, ALL about Tcl, Tk, etc.. BAL's PGP server of Public Keys at MIT The Human Languages Page

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  • Borderline Cartoons. By DM
  • World maps: Map viewer, US Shaded Relief Map, HUGE realtime maps, Where am I? and the Virtual Tourist
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  • Time Zones Conversion: What time is it in xxx when it is yyy in zzz?
  • United States Post Office (Zip codees etc..)
  • The Electric Post office at mit
  • Myst Page
    Neal's Paper in PostScritp
    Maple package for Bayesian CV-NP

  • carlos@math.albany.edu