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Ms. Mapleman: The Math Bot at Diversity University


SATURDAY NOV. 21 at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

As part of the Sonia Kovalevsky day activities I will be introducing Ms. Mapleman, an online Math Bot.

Ms. Mapleman lives on a virtual reality environment known as, Diversity University MOO. To participate in this online workshop you need a computer with netscape or IE able to run JAVA. To check your computer just go to DU main portal and click on the

Connect using the integrated interface.
Your screen will split and you can type in the bottom line. Notice, that you need to click on this last line and then hit return once (read what it says). After that then just type no in the input area (assuming that you are not using a speech synthesizer). Feel free to explore and learn about DU and MOOS at any time before the workshop.

To go to where Ms. Mapleman is just enter (in the input area) @join mapleman. She is almost always in my office: ProfRod's Office. Once there try typing: read blackboard.

Obtaining your Personnal Character and Password:

Only a few people will be able to enter the workshop as guests without password. To obtain a character with your name and your password please send email to
requesting an admission ticket. Please include your name and your email and I will reply with the information.

On Monday Oct. 26 at 3:00PM (Eastern) after connecting to DU join Ms. mapleman with the command

@join mapleman
I and possibly other people will be there to talk to you about math online and how Ms. Mapleman helps with it.

For Non Local Students

If you don't know what time it will be 3:00pm Eastern time for you, check out this web site which can help you with that.

MOO Clients:

The JAVA integrated interface is a convenient way to introduce the MOO for the first time but most people prefer to use a dedicated client. This is a special kind of program for MOOing. There are lots of these clients for free on the internet. If you can install software on your computer try choosing a moo client for your system from

For WIN95 people prefer: MudWin

After installing your client and connecting to:
you should also open a web gateway from

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