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Maximum Entropy Online Resources

Workshops, tutorials, papers, software or just about anything that I can find online related to the subject of Maximum Entropy.

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Max-Planck-Institute Garhing/Munchen July, 25-28 2004. Email:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming. August 3-8, 2003. Email:
University of Idaho. Moscow. USA
Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore. USA
Paris, France
Boise State University, Idaho.
Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik. Garching/Munchen/Germany. Pictures
Joint meeting with ISBA
MaxEnt96: Preliminary Announcement
South Africa meeting. There is a page in Zaire at
Official MaxEnt95 page at Los Alamos.
V. Kashyap's report on MaxEnt95
Dr. Kashyap's personal report of his trip to MaxEnt95 but with relevant information about MaxEnt in general and some links.
XIII International Workshop on Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods. General information, abstracts, schedules, etc...
MaxEnt/STA at Cambridge UK
An idiosyncratic hybrid page of Maximum Entropy and Space Time Algebra with general information about the Cambridge group.
MaxEnt Modeling Toolkit
Software package from
Perl5 MaxEnt
A Perl5 Module for Maximum Entropy Modeling by Hugo WL ter Doest. Also available from CPAN
Manfred Matzke's site on MaxEnt. Mostly deconvolution of spectra
Unfolding of Neutron and Photon Spectra.
Maxent Tutorial at Los Alamos by Gedanken.

Minimum-entropy calibration of asset-pricing models
Entropy in Mathematical Finance by Marco Avellaneda
SourceForge's MaxEnt page
Java Toolkit for fitting MaxEnt models. Applications to Natural Language processing (NLP). See also See also Adwait Ratnaparkhi's U. Penn 1998 Dissertation.

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