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Submission Commands

All commands listed below are sent as email messages to, with the command in the subject field (e.g. `Subject: help'). Only one command at a time is accepted.
Submit a paper given in the body of the message in the specified format. The paper is assigned a paper#, and added to the listing. You will receive an email acknowledgement of the submission. (Do not put the same paper to more than one e-print archive. Instead use the cross-list command described below.)

To submit macro packages or style files, use the `comment' command, rather than `put'.

figures <paper#>
Add additional figure parts to a paper already received, e.g., `figures 9211001'. Note that parts added via the figures command are not piped through reform. This command is recommended only for uuencoded tar-compressed files. (Use the command `get uufiles' to retrieve a csh script to create such files.) Special formatting (i.e., title/authors/abstract) is not needed.
add <paper#>
Concatenates additions to a paper already received. Necessary only for mailers that limit the size of outgoing files. Special formatting (i.e., title/authors/abstract) is not needed.
replace <paper#>
Replace the paper specified by <paper#> with a revised version. Only the original submitter can do this. The message format is the same as for the put command. To replace a cross-listed entry, use e.g. replace hep-th/9204201.

If you replace a multipart paper (extra parts added, e.g., via the `add' or `figures' commands), any extra parts are deleted. You then need to use the appropriate command to replace these extra parts.

cross <archive>/<paper#>
This command is unlikely to be of use to bayes-an archive users, but is included for completeness.

Cross-list paper from another e-print archive, e.g. `cross hep-th/9204201'. The body of the message should contain title and abstract fields in same format as for put, but without body of paper (which was presumably already submitted to the other archive). Generates an abstract entry for daily listings and for access by find and list commands. Cross-listed papers must be obtained directly from the remote archive. Some addresses are given below. To include full address in listings, use e.g., `cross yo-ho/9204001 yo-ho@some.where'.

published <paper#> <reference>
Adds publication reference information to a paper entry, which is accessible via the find, list, list [].abs, and get [].abs commands; e.g., published 9107001 Computational Linguistics 19:1, 179-190.