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Quick Reference for bayes-an

The information below is intended for quick reference. Full information can be found on the pages associated with the separate headings.

General Information

Email address
WWW/Mosaic URL

Subscription Commands

subscribe <your full name>
Subscribe to the server.
Cancel your subscription.

Retrieval Commands

The papers are kept in directories one for each year/month of the archive's operation. The year/month directories are specified in the format yymm. The first year/month of the bayes-an archive's operation was April 1994 (9404).
Retrieve list of year/month directories currently available.
list <yymm> ...
Retrieve title/author information of papers currently held for requested years and months.
list <yymm>.abs
Retrieve abstracts too.
list macros
Retrieve listing of available macro packages and style files.
list new
Retrieve most recent daily listing.
get <paper#> ...
Retrieve specified paper. Suffixes of the full paper number default appropriately.
get <paper#>.abs
Retrieve title/author/abstract only.
get <macro package> ...
Retrieve archived macro packages and style files.
cget <paper#> ...
Same as `get' but cuts files into multiple parts of size less than 100kb.
find <search-string>
Case-insensitive title/author search for <search-string>. ....

Submission Commands

Submit a paper. Format:
    To: bayes-an@xxx.lanl.gov
    Subject: put

    Title: Recent Seminal Results That Take One or More Lines to Describe 
      Succinctly Even with Compactification and No Blank Lines
    Author: Author One (affiliation), Author Two (affiliation), and
      Authors Ad Infinitum (affiliations) 
    Comments: 12 pages, special macros if any, other comments (optional)
    Report-no:  (optional report#, extremely useful)
    Abstract of the paper (or other short description)
    Entire paper goes here, preferably in LaTeX format.
figures <paper#>
Add additional figures to <paper#>. Use the "uufiles" script to package them up.
add <paper#>
Add additional parts to <paper#>.
replace <paper#>
Replace <paper#> with a revised version.
published <paper#> <reference>
Add publication information to a paper entry.

Miscellaneous Commands

Send a comment to the server operators. Also used for submitting macro packages and style files.
Retrieves a help message.