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Maple2Html Translator


Maple2html is a perl script that translates the log of a maple session into an html document, ready to be published on the web.

Maple2html (or m2h for short) can be used by itself or in combination with emacs running the Maple2Html-mode.

When m2h is used under the Maple2Html-mode in emacs the process of publishing lectures, exams, notes, problems... involving maple and math is tremendously simplified. All you need to know is how to 'say it' in maple. Here is an example of a maple session automatically produced when saving the maple session under Maple2Html emacs mode. In this example xfig was used to produce the linked image but everything else was the output of the maple session.

I have been able to produce more than half of the files in: This Intro. to Calc3 with Maple during the past couple of months while teaching the class and testing the translator.

Local info:

If you have an account on our local unix cluster with access to the /math disk and you want to try maple2html, just type in a shell:

Then do:

cd ~/public_html
If the system complains with: no such thing you need to mkdir ~/public_html first and then cd to it. Recall that whatever you put under this directory is seen on the web with address: or alternatively

Once in the public_html directory try to create with emacs a new file with: emacs -nw atest-m2h and if you "m2h4me" above the maple2html mode should automatically be loaded and you can read about it by typing: C-h m. This provides help on how to use the mode. Take a look at the tips given in the help. If all goes well... after you save your session you can look at it with: If you need help just email me at

I hope you find maple2html useful.

convert is part of the Image Magick package chances are you already have this package at your site. If you don't have convert you may get the images generated by maple with a black instead of white background.

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