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Following worldwide enthusiasm, positive votes at Bayesian Conferences in Rio de Janeiro, St. Paul, Valencia, and Cambridge, and letters of support from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand, the United States, Poland, Israel, South Africa, India, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, and Holland, the acting board announces the formation of ISBA in 1992.

This world organization seeks to benefit international society by the advancement of Bayesian statistics, science, and analysis in the natural, biological, and social sciences, engineering, industry, medicine, law, government and education, and by the development and interface of inferential and decision-making procedures in all areas.

The International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) was founded in 1992 to promote the development and application of Bayesian statistical theory and methods useful in the solution of theoretical and applied problems in science, industry and government. The first world meeting was held in San Francisco, 1993, the second in Spain, 1994 and the third in Mexico, 1995 the last world meeting was in South Africa, 1996.

Regional meetings have been held in Toronto, 1994 and Taiwan, 1994 and last August 1996 was in Chicago. December 16-20 was at the Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa and August 16-18 1997 will be in Istanbul Turkey. Also this August 4-8 in Boise, Idaho, ISBA is co-sponsoring The 17th Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods Workshop. Papers presented at these meetings have been or will be published in proceedings volumes. Also, ISBA publishes a quarterly Newsletter and has instituted an electronic Bayesian archive ( collection of current papers and abstracts to be available on the Internet.
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